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With the growing pressure to achieve passive fire compliance, the Plus Passive Fire team have developed a program to resolve our clients’ issues and create peace of mind.

We have streamlined the passive fire process by providing a third-party certification service, ‘The Plus Approach’. Where we are with you every step of the way to advise, provide ongoing QA, guaranteeing compliance and ultimately ensuring an effective and smooth handover of your building or project.

The Plus Approach can provides certification, advice, penetration registers, site training and QA checklist for walls, ceilings and penetrations.


The disconnect of compliance onsite between sub-trades can lead to disputes and expensive consequences. Our team takes the cost-effective approach of streamlining the passive fire component of a building, including:

  • Providing full documentation ensuring compliance, with no last minute defects for a smooth COC.

  • Working with your QA team, building certifier and fire engineer upfront to ensure everything is done correctly the first time.

  • Offering more efficient and cost effective solutions where possible.

  • Getting it right up front to avoid costly reworks. Implementing an inspection regime to identify defects and resolving them as they occur.


Our team is able to tailor ‘The Plus Approach’, to provide as much assistance as you require, including the following services:

  • Design review and advice

  • Test review summary - capturing all systems used by sub trades

  • Resolving any issue as it occurs

  • Providing installation drawings and details

  • Creating prototype boards for training installers

  • Sample riser to address service clashes

  • Checklists for contractors to ensure all bases are covered

  • Providing evidence for alternative solutions and advice if require

Documentation and certification

  • ‘The Penetration Register App’ allows registers to be completed quickly on site, eliminating tedious hours spent on spread sheets.

  • By having all registers completed or reviewed by our certification team, there is only one format, and one source for your building certifier to review.

  • If penetrations are certified by an alternate certifier, we can review to ensure compliance

  • We can provide marked up drawings if required

  • Ongoing defect reports

  • Documentation includes, form 16 certification

‘Plus Approach’ project becomes FPA Australia award finalist - Read more.

‘Plus Approach’ project becomes FPA Australia award finalist - Read more.