Professional Services

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your project’s fire containment addresses build-ability and remains compliant with all legislation and Australian standards, specialising in compliance inspections and certification.

Inspection and Certification


To comply with the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008, the occupier of a building must ensure each prescribed fire safety installation for the building is inspected and tested at regular intervals. This includes all current and new passive fire installations and penetrations. Our certifiers can carry out these inspections and also show you how to maintain compliance from then on.


All passive fire installations in a building must be certified as complying with the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008. Our inspectors can advise on what is required when constructing a new building BEFORE incorrect work is carried out, and preventing costly mistakes. Once completed, it’s a simple process to have the works certified with a required Form 16.

Our certifiers are licensed in the areas covering passive fire walls and ceilings, penetrations and joint sealing.

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Build for compliance

To avoid costly rectifications, invest in pre-planning to ensure the compliance of your project. Our certifiers will work with your QA team, building certifier and fire engineer upfront to ensure everything is done correctly the first time. Through careful system selection and implementing an inspection regime to identify defects and resolving them as they occur, you can ensure an effective and smooth handover of your building or project

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The penetration register app was developed by passive fire certifiers inspectors, and installers, to not only assist with producing registers that meet Australian Standards and legislation, but to minimise significant time uploading and matching photos with penetration details.

This app can save you time and money. When finalising penetration seals, simply take a photo, add the details of each item and the report is complete and can be emailed directly to the client.  If you’re completing a register for an annual inspection, you will be able to complete all details and have them available for updating in each subsequent inspection for any changes

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